About Us

A robust, end-to-end IT solutions provider, the IT Framework empowers and propels FQHCs and non-profits forward so they can make an even greater impact.

Changing the world, one IT Framework at a time!

A well-functioning and customized IT Framework is essential for every organization to survive and thrive in this dynamic digital age. It’s the need of the hour. After all, you can’t go about transforming people’s lives for the better and changing the world just like that.

What you need is a secure, scalable, and effective IT system: one that isn’t cobbled together piece by piece, but working for you as one integrated, seamless whole. That’s precisely where we come in. Not only do we have a great rapport and understanding of specific organization, but we also know how to deliver the ultimate IT experience for your employees and your clients.

“We don’t just promise to transform your operations by maximizing IT efficiencies, ensuring security, and reducing costs – we deliver on that promise.”

"When we work with you, we truly see ourselves as another member of your team, not simply another company you partner with!"

Our Founder: Shuey Teitelbaum

They say there is no substitute for experience, and they couldn’t be more right. Shuey is a living proof of that, with more than two decades of experience in the field of IT. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he lives and breathes IT – quite literally.
After getting a Master’s degree from the Rabbinical College of America, he grew and ran PC Doctor for over 16 years, a thriving IT Managed Services Company. Upon his successful exit from the company in 2022, he turned his attention to empowering FQHCs, non-profits, and small businesses that have specific IT needs but don’t get proper support when they turn to outsourcing. Hence, he founded the IT Framework so that you can spend less time chasing down troublesome IT problems and more on what truly matters. When he isn’t focusing on delivering IT solutions, Shuey enjoys the great outdoors, as well as quality time with his lovely wife and four children.


Help organizations save $1M over 5 years and experience world class IT so their organization can make a bigger, and positive impact.


Be the #1 IT Consultants and the go-to choice for every small to mid-size company.

The IT Framework is all about…

Serving Others

Just like you, we are passionate about serving humanity and transforming the world.

Efficient Systems

A good organization needs a well-oiled and efficient IT system. No loose ends, no glitches.

Cost- Effectiveness

We can save you $1M over a 5-year period. We believe in maximizing cost-effectiveness!